We would expect you to have questions,
and we want to begin to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone says, “We will make a difference.” How exactly will this be different?

We hope you will sense a change on your first phone call. You’ll hear the sound of sincere interest, and we will have many questions. From our first contact, you will hear us endeavoring to earn your trust. But we know that trust is not likely to be thrown around frivolously. So you will not hear “Trust me.” Instead, you will hear an attitude of “Watch us work hard and intelligently and intuitively and caringly... to deserve your trust.”

To help answer this first question, we request that you in turn ask yourself a question:
Does this sound like your current investment advisor?

How can I be sure about the fees I will pay you?

We establish with every client a clear understanding not only of how we work, but also how we are compensated. Our fee structure is plainly stated, and we encourage clients to make certain they understand what we charge – and why. We are paid only by our clients.

How safe are my investments with you?

We provide world-class custodial services, via The Bank of New York and its Pershing Advisors Solutions platform. Pershing has been a leading global provider of financial business solutions for 70 years and serves many of the world’s most respected financial organizations, remaining focused on the segregation, safekeeping, servicing, and reporting of clients’ assets in its custody. Learn More...

For me, the most difficult aspect of my current situation is just piecing together the reports. Can you help?

For many clients, often with multiple financial advisor relationships, seeing the Big Picture can be like assembling a jigsaw puzzle. We offer you the opportunity to see it all in one Consolidated Performance Report – not just your investments with Nardis but your total investment portfolio. We go this extra mile for a client-friendly and holistic view of total assets. We are always surprised by investors’ difficulty with receiving this elementary yet essential service. Now multiple reports become one – one more way to close that gap.

How do I know that I will receive the same type of service from Nardis that I currently receive from my current provider?

Actually, you will not receive the same type of service that usually comes from larger providers – and that is precisely our valuable difference.

Nardis wants clients to first sense the difference, then feel the difference:

  • understanding
  • commitment
  • talent
  • freedom
  • independence
  • insight
  • responsiveness
  • eagerness

If you do not feel all of this from coming from your current provider, Nardis is an important consideration.

I’ve always minded my own investments, and I’ve done a pretty good job. Why work with Nardis?

We have great respect for those who put their own financial knowledge and experience to work for themselves and their family. But we also believe that you deserve the time to remain focused on your own career, and we can be a very valuable resource in this regard. Be assured that we appreciate a client’s desire to remain actively involved, and will always make you feel a sense of partnership.

It is a significant move for me to change financial advisors – or even to add a financial advisor. What would be in this for me?

We believe that becoming a Nardis Advisors LLC client introduces you to a refreshing new approach and a higher class of service.

We understand that change is not always comfortable, so we make certain to involve our account transition team, to oversee the smooth transfer of your assets to our care. We are confident that whatever change is necessary will occur for you “in the background.”

We have a genuine sense of how important it is to help people, beginning on day one of our relationship.

We hope you will call us at (914) 997-0403, and we look forward to making your acquaintance.