We are creating new investment solutions for our clients.

We believe that basic attitude toward client service is not only a definable solution – it is a mandatory goal.  We are self-conditioned to evaluate everything we do based on the question: “Would I want to be treated precisely this way?”

This benchmark governs every facet of a client’s relationship with us, so it applies to every single point of communication – as elementary as a telephone greeting.

Customized Investment Portfolios

The unique needs and desires you have for enhancing and protecting your own wealth demand a customized approach. You deserve a commitment from your advisor that does not place you in a group, a class or a category – but instead begins with intensive listening to your requirements and tolerances for risk.

Next you deserve a truly tailored portfolio comprised primarily of talented managers, who will work energetically to provide exposure to multiple asset classes:

  • Global equities (managed accounts, mutual funds, ETF’s)
  • Money market instruments in multiple currencies
  • Fixed income and commodities
  • Municipal bonds
  • Alternative investments (e.g. hedge funds)

We will manage each portfolio with a hierarchy of objectives:

  • Best team of managers for each client’s investment goals
  • Diversification – without over-diversification
  • Minimization of tax consequences wherever appropriate
  • Liquidity management
  • Mitigation of volatility