WEBINAR: US-Israel Estate Planning – Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Estate planning for US citizens living in Israel can be a complex endeavor, especially for persons who made Aliyah as adults, and who have significant assets still in the US, including property and trusts.

Estate planning for US citizens living in Israel can be a complex endeavor, especially for persons who made Aliyah as adults, and who have significant assets still in the US, including property and trusts.

In this webinar:

  • Advocates Haleli and Malca will focus on some of the key issues and where one should plan ahead.
  • We will provide some real life examples of US-Israel estate planning mistakes that are commonly made.
  • Norman Chait will speak briefly about the practical aspects of executing wills and transferring assets to heirs, for US citizens who pass away in Israel.

Date: Tuesday, August 6th

Time: 7 PM Israel, 12 PM Eastern time


Advocate Osher Felicia Haleli and Advocate Shiri Malca – Shibolet Law Firm

Norman H. Chait, CFA – Managing Principal, Nardis Advisors LLC

Register below or email mreed@nardisadvisors.com and we’ll see you there!

Osher Felicia Haleli

Osher has been practicing U.S. Estate Planning Law and Probate since 1996. Osher founded her U.S. estate planning firm in Israel in August, 2007 and recently joined Shibolet. She is of only a handful of attorneys in Israel who advises on US-International law regarding wealth management and private client matters. She is world renowned in this field of practice.

Osher practice areas include U.S.-International estate planning and individual tax, U.S. probate (inheritances) and estate administration and tax and renunciation of U.S. citizenship (and relinquishment of U.S. green cards) and relocation to the U.S. She has also practiced Elder Law litigation involving lawsuits over Wills, Estates, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Living Wills; Immigration Law; Family Law and small Civil litigation.

Osher maintains her law licenses in the states of Delaware and Ohio, as well as in several U.S. Federal jurisdictions. Osher is registered as a foreign lawyer with the Israeli Bar Association.

Shiri Malca

Adv. Malca’s expertise includes litigation in all judicial instances in the Israeli civil and rabbinical courts, and she has over 23 years of experience in handling complex and sensitive cases, which has provided her with extensive knowledge in all aspects of personal status (complex inheritance cases, property disputes between siblings, divorce cases, division of property, alimony, custody, immigration and child abduction, guardianship, etc.).‎

‎Shiri has extensive experience in accompanying people, families and businesses at various stages, and has the skills to formulate a strategic plan tailored to the specific needs and goals of families and businesses, which includes building and carrying out a legal, family and tax strategy on an ongoing basis. Shiri’s expertise in drafting agreements for companies in general and for family businesses in particular, prevents the company from being exposed to intra-family disputes of its partners and arranging proper intergenerational transfer in the business, alongside providing ongoing, comprehensive and continuous consulting to ensure the continued activity of the family company even after the longevity of the founding partners, while integrating the second and third generations into the family business.‎

‎In addition, Adv. Malca serves as a mediator for families and businesses, and she advocates resolving disputes in general and in family disputes in particular, in alternative ways.

Norman H. Chait, CFA

Norman Chait is the Managing Principal of Nardis Advisors, an independent Registered Investment Advisor based in Scarsdale, NY, focused on building customized investment portfolios for a select group of individuals and families, especially for US citizens living overseas. He has 29 years of experience in all aspects of the traditional and alternative investment universe.

Norman received an MBA from Columbia University in 1995 (beta gamma sigma), and a Law Degree from Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1988. He served in the Judge Advocate General Division of the Israel Defense Force from 1988-1993 and is a graduate of the Israel Defense Force Officer’s School. Norman is a Chartered Financial Analyst and Member of the New York Society of Security Analysts. He is also a licensed Portfolio Manager in Israel under the auspices of the Israel Securities Authority.

Norman moved back t0 Israel in 2016, after spending 23 years in New York, and lives in Zichron Ya’akov.


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