Can one use a US Power of Attorney in Israel, (and vice versa)?

We have been asked this question many times, especially by US citizens living in Israel who have assets in the US: “Can I use a US power of attorney in Israel?” Some are getting on in years and want to make sure that family members can look after their affairs, when they are no longer able to. Other times, it is related to the act of specifically giving instructions to a family member to transfer money from a US domiciled brokerage account to Israel (or any other country) for living expenses.

Let’s put things into order here.

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Does a US Power of Attorney work overseas, or not?

Powers of Attorney (POA) do not cross borders. You cannot use an Israeli Power of Attorney, even if notarized and stamped (or wrapped with a nice-looking red legal ribbon) to instruct on activities in the US.

One needs a US Power of Attorney in order to transact in the US-domiciled brokerage account, or to give other instructions, such as transferring money, executing a Required Minimum Distribution from an IRA and so on. US custodians also demand that the person who is the POA be a US citizen and resident in the US.

This became an issue for one of our clients, as her children, to whom she wanted to give POA to, are US citizens residing in Israel.

We were able to convince our custodian to make an exception and allow for her children to become her POA. This is a huge source of relief for her. So now they can instruct us to transfer money to Israel on her behalf, sign wire forms etc. Once the money reaches Israel and they need to make payments for various expenses for their mother, this will be via an Israeli POA.

Remember: POA’s do not cross borders.

What about notarizing a US document overseas?

And one related topic…

If you need a US document notarized, it cannot be notarized by a foreign notary. It has to be a US notary public, residing in the US. Fortunately, there are online services where the US notaries are engaged via zoom.

Two such services (which we have not used so cannot endorse) are:

  1. US Virtual Notary
  2. Hampton Roads Notary

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